Thursday, November 12, 2009

Notes from November Green Office Committee Meeting

1. The Green Office Committee met on 11/10/09. Present were Dave, Neta, Clint, Kimberly, Scott, and Adrienne.

2. Discussion:

a. To-do list from last meeting: Scott has not set up computers for two-sided printing. Scott brought in an additional recycling bin, but has not bought another one. We decided that since we are now keeping recycling in the cabinets, there is not room for a large recycling bin. Instead, we will continue to use cardboard boxes.

b. Recycling cardboard: Adrienne sent an email asking for volunteers to take the cardboard boxes to the food bank for recycling. Billy told her that he would drive them to the food bank if someone would put the boxes in his truck. Dave and Scott volunteered to take care of that. We decided that it was too much trouble to recycle cardboard boxes in the future.

c. Garden: we discussed problems with the idea of locating a garden on the roof of the parking garage. Someone else suggested using pots in Scott’s office, where there are lots of windows and plenty of extra room. We will continue to discuss.

d. Dishwasher: We now have a dishwasher. People do not seem to be using it. Scott will send an e-mail publicizing the dishwasher, explaining how to use it, and asking people to opt out of a schedule to wash dishes. Members of the Green Committee will keep an eye on the dishwasher and fill in when people forget to wash dishes. Dave pointed out that since we leave the water on at the tap when we are washing dishes, we should make sure that we turn it off before finishing a load and leaving for the weekend.

e. Newspaper: one way to cut down on our recycling needs is to stop the newspaper subscription. Scott said that he subscribes to the paper because the Tulsa World occasionally runs articles supporting Legal Aid, and he wants to support the paper. We discussed whether our subscription makes a difference. The consensus seemed to be that since we can read the paper online, the paper version is a needless expense. Scott will look into terminating the subscription.

3. Next meeting: February 11, 2010, 3:00.

4. To-do:

a. Scott

i. Send memo publicizing dishwasher.

ii. Create dishwashing schedule.

iii. Stop newspaper.

iv. Get cardboard to Billy’s truck.

v. Set up computers for two-sided printing.

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